[unconnected] is a German Xonotic clan founded by MADE in late 2008. Our intention from the beginning has been to have fun with nice players.

We currently have 5 members in our team, some since the days when we gambled in Nexuiz, some since Xonotic. We are recruiting any new member who fits in our team :)

Due to the considerably low amount of clans most events are played as duels, and all of our members have been participating at cups if possible. You can check out all the cup and tourney results from Mirio's rather large tourney thread and spot our individual performances. The member page also features Xonotic's built-in stats system to list our player info.

If you're looking for a german Xonotic clan with nice and happy players then »JOIN US« today! Just use the contact email or join our irc channel #unconnected.xonotic @Quakenet and tell us who you are and why you want to join us!


You can contact us via IRC or E-mail:
* IRC: #unconnected.xonotic @Quakenet
* Email: info [at]